Orientation in Dublin

Posted on September 13th, 2009 by

So I meant to post this a week ago, and thought I had but apparently I didn’t so, many apologies.

I’m attending The Burren through IFSA, which holds an orientation before taking us out to school in Dublin for two days.  There are only two students from IFSA going to Burren so, Kathren and I get to have a really quick orientation since it doesn’t take long to explain things to two people.  We went out to dinner, and hung out with our two IFSA contacts, Geoff and Tim.  Then we went to their office to be “oriented”, after lunch Geoff took us on a walking tour of Dublin, we saw some street performers and got international cellphones (mobiles) so that we can contact them, and each other.  On friday Tim drove us to Ballyvaughan, which was insane, the country roads are super tiny and twisted!  I live in Connolly house, with three other people.  Angela, Rudy, Mac, and I all have our own bedrooms and bathrooms which is nice.  We have a kitchen, living room, and a bathroom to share.  It’s a cute little house with a good size yard, it’s the closest house of the three the college have arranged.  We have a week of orientation through the college, and then we start classes.  It should be pretty exciting.


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