The Burren

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They kept us very busy during orientation and the week following.  So far we’ve done a bus tour of the Burren, and  the Connemara.  Which was a lot of fun, the beaches which make up a part of the Connemara are beautiful, and because it was briefly sunny when we were there it looked more like a beach that belonged in the Caribbean.   We got to see a couple of “fairy rings”, also thought to be strongholds, or what remains of them.  We also saw the only fjord in Ireland, which was pretty cool.  For an evening we learned Ceili dancing, which seems to be a cross between square dancing, and the waltz.

Burren Rock

Fairy Tree

Beach Rock

Beach #2 from the Connemara

The first Beach from the Connemara

The cows and Jimmy

Part of the collection of buildings that makes up our school is a castle, Newtown castle which apparently is unusual because it’s round with a square base.  Everything about the castle is thought about for defense.  There is a shoot of sorts to drop rocks, and boiling hot liquids on you if you try to open the door, plenty of places to shoot arrows from, and  the square base helps prevent ladders from being propped against it and helps to aim stones at the heads of attackers.  We are taking a trip to Galway and Dublin soon so  that should be pretty sweet.



  1. Tom says:

    Hi Kait (The Layer Queen)!
    Your dad gave me the link to your blogs here. What a wonderful way to spend your fall semester. And a great way for me to share in your experiences.
    I will look forward for visiting here over the fall.
    Love — Tom

  2. John says:

    See you have been there since Sept. My son is planning on attending next semester.
    Overall what has your experience been like?
    The school?
    The teachers?
    The quality of your fellow students?
    The surrounding areas/Burren/Ballyvaugh/Ireland
    Would you do it again if you had the choice to do over, keeping in mind most only have one semester abroad in a lifetime?