Lisdoonvarna and THE MOUNTAIN

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Last weekend a bunch of us decided it would be fun to go to the matchmaking festival in lisdoonvarna, which is a town maybe twenty minutes away or so.  It’s a month long festival held in the town, which also is known for it’s spa’s.  It’s a crazy mess of pubs, with lot’s of people having a very good time.  Mostly it’s older singles, dancing and drinking and having a good time.  After about nine or so the younger people also make an appearance since there are plenty of pubs, live music, good food and drink to be had in this relatively small town.  It was vaguely like a really loud, public block party, mostly for single people.  They supposedly had speed dating in a pub called the matchmaker, which also had a dance floor and was packed during the nights festivities.  We all found in highly entertaining.

This friday for out field trip with Gordon, we went on a two to three hour hike over one of the “hills/mountain/large pile of dirt”  whichever you’d like to describe it as, although seeing as we were within the Burren it’s more like large pile of rocks with a scattering of dirt, vegetation, and fauna.  He said is was a moderate hike in hopes of seeing “Flora and Fauna”.  It was a fair challenge for some and an extreme challenge for others, but overall good fun.  Since carrying my camera up said mountain seemed  unwise, I choose to leave the several pound dead weight at home and rely on my friends who have cute little point and shoots that are more travel accessible.  So here are the first “fauna” we saw….fauna

The mountain or obscenely large hill

The pile of rock with a scattering of dirt, flora and fauna



more flora

flora 2

and some more

flora 3

Rocky Climb

rocky climb

View on the way up

excellent view on the way up

Gordon D’arcy King of the Mountain Top, or large mound of rock, scattering of dirt, flora and fauna!

the peak, with gordon

Another view from the top

view from the top

Some fauna found along the way


And the best for last

the best fauna found along the way

So the concludes the journey from top to bottom

Thanks for letting me use these photos Chaya!!!!!!<3


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