Um, what happened this week?

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Wow, So I am straining my brain trying to remember what happened the week that I am supposed to write about.  We are now all back from our mid-semester breaks, I think everyone had a wonderful time (I know that I did).  But anyway I am supposed to write about the week before we left for our break. Ummmm lets see what did we do?

This week was the last week of the Globalization module, which means that papers and projects were at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Okay so Monday (Oct. 19) was part of the Diwali weekend so we were all either heading back from the beaches, jungle, or hanging out at Visthar preparing for the week ahead.

Tuesday (Oct. 20), we had the morning off to start our papers, some of us did and others did not, (procrastination is a prevalent theme for some in the group).  Then in the afternoon we had our last lecture of the unit, a vice president of Oracle.  He spoke to us about Globalization and the Indian economy.

Wednesday (Oct. 21), we went to the IT area in Bangalore to visit IBM, unfortunately a few people were sick and had to stay back.  I think walking through the offices was a very different feel then we were used to.  I know that for me everything seemed particularly clean.  Also, it was air-conditioned, not something we are used to.  We got a tour of IBM which was really fun and interesting, (at least the parts that we understood).  Then we heard from two different people who are working with IBM.  That afternoon was business time for most of us, whether we were putting the finishing touches on our papers or just starting them, most of us spent the afternoon and evening working on our papers.

Thursday (Oct 22), was a review session day.  Each of us was put in a group with two other students and one “teacher.”  We read through each other’s papers giving our thoughts and opinions and then in the afternoon we had a “burn” session.  Well it wasn’t really a burn session but we did go around and tear each other’s papers apart. The feedback was a little brutal for some of us, but helpful in the end.  After that we had until the next afternoon, to finish our papers, meanwhile the group was working very hard on their PowerPoint project they would be revealing the next day.

Friday (Oct. 23), was the last day of the unit and most of us were relieved to hand the paper in (or get the project over with), and get ready for our Mid semester break.  Most of us were heading up North toward the mountains while a couple of us were heading to Pondicherry.  That night was spent preparing for the week on our own.

So compared to some weeks I got a fairly empty week, most of our time was spent preparing our final projects/papers, but the next week was a super exciting week,  Our mid semester break consisted of traveling around India, on our own, seeing beautiful sights and having wonderful experiences!

Now we are preparing for a month of travelling!  I need to go pack!

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