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For the last week it’s been mostly raining, and pouring, and flooding.  The tourlochs (a unique type of disappearing lake found mostly in limestone areas of Ireland, west of the River Shannon.) have been over flowing because the water table is too high for there usual confinements.  The water is flowing over the roads and has cut Gort(a town twenty minutes away) off completely and has forced traffic to bypass it using small road never intended for that kind of traffic.  The road to school has been flooded over, also maybe three blocks from town the road is flooded over.  Basically it’s wet, wet, and more wet.  Yesterday was sunny most of the day, it rained again this morning but the weather has turned sunny for who knows how long.  So getting to the school and my only source of Internet has been a bit of a challenge of late.  I’ll even include a couple of infrared taken around campus since last weekends weather kept me from the internet.

the castle

Cow Pasture


Last weekend we all hid out most of the weekend, mostly everyone stayed in and hid from all the disgusting weather.  Nothing terrible interesting happened other than the phenomenal rugby match between Ireland and Australia.  Rudy (one of my roommates) and I went into town to Logues one of the pubs to see it.  It was awesome!  Ireland tied the brumbies in the last minute of the game!  It was crazy!   I got a couple of packages during the week so that was probably the highlight there.  Ever since I’ve been watching new movies sent from the States.  Yay! Ace of Cakes and Chef Duff are my hero!  Bed knobs and Broomsticks is pretty dang good too!

Friday our first sunny day in a while we went on another excursion with Gordon D’arcy to Martello Tower.  A tower built to keep an eye on the French.  The tower gives an excellent view of Galway, and is a beautiful oval structure built on the shore.  It was a beautiful walk, we walked a ways to get there from where the bus dropped us off.  The farms dogs are allowed to meander during the day here so we had three escorts, from what we inferred were from two different farms.  A slender black and white one who at one point chased after a rabbit, and from what we gather presumably caught it, his compatriot from the same farm was a pudgy perhaps a lab or lab mix who would jog to catch up and a well built presumably another black Labrador mix who followed us up and back and was very sweet and seemed to be leading us and guarding us from other humans.

Skinny and the rabbit


It was a nice day for a walk, a bit brisk but it was mostly on a road so the terrain wasn’t too bad, and we had very cute four legged companions who would sniff around and do other dog things to entertain us.  With yesterday and a brief spout or two of sunshine today some of the flooding has cleared up, and is allowing us to walk places and not be quite so soggy.

The Martello Tower




Today Ireland plays Fiji, so Rudy and me are going down again to see some awesome rugby!


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  1. Jim and Betsy Neeck says:

    What a walk or I should say walks you are having-Seems to be so many interesting places to see.
    Wondering how many people are out and walking with you. The temperature must be rather acceptable for getting out and about. Do you take a lunch along or is there something for you when you arrive at your destination.
    Be sure to take more pictures and bring them with you when you come home.

    Thanks or sending this to us – we really enjoyed it all.