Stalking in the Burren

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So thanksgiving was awesome in Belfast and I’m an idiot and didn’t bring my camera so you don’t get to see what the giants causeway, the rope bridge, or any of the other sweet things I saw.  Although I’m sure if you google them you’ll get a general idea what they look like.  Kathren and I were swept away for a weekend in Belfast which was awesome, and we went to the christmas fair that was going on in town and had hot cocoa with baileys.  This is after spending all day on a bus seeing the sights of course.  The next morning we went on a cab tour of the murals before we got on the bus to come back.  After that we had our final tutorials with our professors, and prepared for our final show, which involved cleaning and painting and all other sorts of acrobatics.  So final critiques, the show, and all of the other finals-esque things you have at art school happened not long after thanksgiving.  So I’ve been doing some pretty boring things lately.  But tomorrow my parents with arrive in Ballyvaughan, and they’ll get to see campus, and perhaps get to see Galway a lively city.  Then we will begin out travels around ireland together before the conclusion of my stay in Ireland so I’ll have plenty of pictures and awesome stories to tell next week and I won’t be doing any crazy finals type stuff. Plus our last project for mixed media was to stalk a fellow student and come up with a project around stalking and the media.  So here is my stalker project, it’s mostly suppose to be a fun thing to do for the last week so here it is a consolation for failure as a blogger.

stalking Nathan


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  1. Greg Boone says:

    Kait, it’s been great to read your blog while you are abroad. You have not failed as a blogger. Thanks for the reports from Ireland.

    Greg Boone ’09