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British Library Points of View: A Look at the 19th Century through Photographs

Libraries have always been a presence in my life.  Because my mother is a librarian, I spent a lot of time at libraries as a child.  They became a comfortable and familiar place I could visit to read, listen to music or use the computer.  I thought the British Library would evoke similar feelings but […]

Resolution! 2010: Dancing Outside Traditional Boundaries in London

On a rainy night in London we attended our second viewing of Resolution! 2010 at The Place theatre. Since I have been dancing for many years, this particular performance was very exciting to me. I knew I’d be seeing the works of young professionals who were pushing the limits of dance. The Place is primarily […]

Lenni vagy nem lenni? Ez itt a kérdés.

I feel that the time may have come to discuss the Hungarian language in all its quirky glory. For some reason unknown even to the Hungarians themselves, Hungarian bears very little resemblance to any other languages, including the ones spoken in neighboring countries. I have also heard that the history behind the language and the […]


If you were to ask someone of the street what words they would use to describe Americans, chances are the word ‘ingenious’ would be among the resulting list.  From founding fathers like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Edison and Bill Gates, we believe we hold a strong lineage of ingenious minds.  But I […]

London’s Wellcome Collection Answers the Question: Who are we?

The stylish modern building was the perfect escape from the rain for a short time on our last Friday here in London. Clean architectural lines and lots of steel and glass greeted us at the entrance. “The Wellcome Collection” stated the door facing Euston Road.  The high ceilings loomed as the tour guide introduced herself […]

From Pest to Buda and back again

I realized today that I have only been in Budapest for ten days now, but it feels like I’ve been here at least a month because every day is so jam packed with things to do. This past Saturday, Rachel (my flatmate), Melissa (my neighbor), and I went and explored the castle district of Buda. […]

My Experience Watching Modern Dance in London

I have always enjoyed dance whether I am watching or performing it.  When I saw Tangled Feet Undercover, Naomi Cook’s VIVIDdreams, and Letizia Mazzeo’s Is The Grass Greener?  at “The Place”, I experienced a variety of emotions.  These emotions were brought on by not only the dancing, but the atmosphere and over all feel of […]

I can tell you Stories: Our guide at the National Gallery in London

The building that houses the National Gallery was an old official looking structure that seemed to say “We hold very important things within our walls.” It was situated by Trafalgar’s Square, a stone park with no greenery in it, but there were large statues and a fountain. In class, we had talked about how the […]

British Museum in London: A Giant Archive

The first time I stepped onto the grounds of the British Museum I was fascinated.  I felt so small and muted as I walked into the sea of white marble in the main lobby.  The overwhelming Pantheon-like building towered over everyone as they walked through the large marble pillars.  The museum was first founded 250 […]

Rake’s Progress: A Night of Opera in London

I have never been to an Opera performance before. I admit that most of my notions of opera performances had come from old cartoons—top hat wearing aristocrats watching a heavy-set woman in a Viking helmet belt it out with an exaggerated vibrato came to mind. It seemed to be a thing of the past often […]