Pre-trip Seminar

Posted on January 6th, 2010 by

Greetings to all from Farmington, MN!

We are currently at Mount Olivet Retreat Center getting to know each other and finishing up our pre-trip activities.  The past two days have been filled with presentations, speakers, and lots of singing.  The students gave informative presentations on various Tanzanian-related topics.  We heard from Dr. Mbele, a professor at St. Olaf and a native Tanzanian, who had many helpful things to say regarding Tanzanian culture.  Later, Dr. Randy Hurley, a physician from Regions hospital, provided us with information on the healthcare system.  Kris and Barb taught us several popular songs in Swahili and English to prepare us for church services at which we will be singing.  Finally, bonding activities included the human knot, pool time, and other teamwork-related games and puzzles.  These games and activities have helped to create a sense of unity and friendship amongst all of us travelers. Tomorrow we head to Global Ministries in Fridley to pick up medical supplies to donate in Tanzania.  After that, we’ll head our separate ways until meeting before our long flight on Thursday.

Photos: Puzzle/Shape game, human knot


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