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After a twelve hour bus ride we arrived at the Lutheran Center in Iringa late at night. The next morning we had breakfast and went to the market for a few hours. In the afternoon we visited an orphanage with about thirty-five children. We played, sang, and gave them gifts before we made our way back to the Lutheran Center for the night. The next morning we drove an hour to Illula and did morning devotions at the hospital chapel followed by morning rounds. We went back to Iringa and had some free time at the market to take in the culture and buy some gifts. Today we visited the Iringa Hospital. We went around with the pastor and sang and prayed for the patients. It was a great experience! As we’re writing this the bus is being packed up to head to Tungamalenga followed by Ruaha National Park. We probably will not have access to the internet for the next six days so you’ll have to wait to hear about our safari experience and what’s going on in Tungamalenga.

(Goodbye in Swahili)



  1. Allison Donelan says:

    Hi all – Greetings from Boston, MA. This sounds like an amazing trip! Look forward to reading about your safari and other experieinces. Also want to hear the songs you are singing to your hosts – if a computer allows, post a clip for us on Youtube! With best wishes, Allison (Amanda Woodhull’s aunt)

  2. Shelby Olson Morris says:

    We can’t wait for your next blog!!!! Keep them coming–it’s cold and gray here in Pennsylvania so we like thinking about the wamth in Tanzania.

    Shelby and Matt Morris