Oh how I wish I had a working shower Posted on January 18th, 2010 by

Today was my first full day in Hungary!! It got off to an interesting start with an epic battle between me and the “shower”. It’s essentially a bath tub with a shower head and no curtain. To make things more difficult it seems to be broken because no matter how many different things we do to it, we can’t get the water to go through the shower head rather than the faucet. So this morning I took a bath, which is something I haven’t done since I was little. It also makes it difficult to wash my hair. But our landlord is also out of the country for a month so awkward baths it is for the time being.

My roommate came today and I think we’ll get along great! We just got our Metro passes and are planning on wandering over to Ikea (could we be more American) to get some blankets, cups, a sponge, and other various essential items. Today I also went to the market for the first time. All of the fresh produce looks fantastic, and they have a food stall where I ate this delicious dish with pork and pasta. It was something like “sertesporkolt” although there are several accents as well. Hungary is a very difficult country to be in without knowing the language because, unlike French and Spanish, their words very, very rarely resemble English in any shape or form. “Porkolt” meaning pork is proabably the closest I’ll get.  I guess my Hungarian dictionary will be my new best friend, especially until we start the language course on Wednesday. All in all today has been a great day and I can’t wait to experience the metro and get another blanket to fight the coldness of our apartment!!


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