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Dance in London: Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Performance Locale: Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London Production: Swan Lake Our journey began in the lobby of the Janet Poole House where our rooms are located and ended in the lobby of Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Upon entrance to the theatre, a sea of fellow audience members, a ticket box office, flights […]

From London: Pain, Medicine, Health and the Psychology behind Frederick Bruckner’s “Pains of Youth”

Pain, Medicine, Health and the Psychology behind Frederick Bruckner’s Pains of Youth “The original title Krankheit der Jugend means ‘the illness/disease of youth/of being a young person’.  Bruckner thus joins his contemporaries in extending the concept of ‘disease’ to society at large – a potent twentieth-century metaphor which could at one extreme underpin political ideology, […]

From London: Stanislavski and Brecht in Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters at the Lyric Hammersmith

Upon entering the glass sliding doors of the Lyric Hammersmith theatre lobby, I am immediately greeted by a giant white wall covered in colored writing.  This colored writing contains quotes and reviews gathered from various anonymous theatre goers over the years.  One quote in particular sticks out.   Now, whether it be fate or luck, this […]

Behind the Scenes at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design.  The Museum is located in what is termed London’s “Albertopolis”, an area of great cultural, scientific, and educational importance.  Some of the neighboring institutions are the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.  The official opening […]

The Ascent

I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I did it.  Well, I didn’t climb to the top, but I’ve climbed a little.  The college at Mweka is just a few kilometers downhill from the park gate.  We’ve walked up to the gate a few times just for the fun of it. Setting off under marshmallow clouds, we […]

British Music Experience: Being Your Own Artist

The O2 arena, located on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London, is a vast dome created at the beginning of the millennium.  The O2 bubble, as it is commonly referred to, was formally know as the Millennium Arena and has attracted countless popular musicians. It contains various spaces such as The O2 Arena, Entertainment […]

Send the Ark

Living on a mountain, I never would have though I would need to worry about floods. However, life has a funny way of dealing out the unexpected. One day, coming back from the Secondary School, I thought, “A nice, refreshing shower will be nice when I get home.” Ten minutes later, hot and sweaty, I […]

War Horse in London: An Experience With Puppetry

On January 14, 2010 we visited the New London Theatre for a matinee showing of the play War Horse. This theatre, which opened in 1973, was massive in size and was packed with people, most of whom were either visiting with a school group or in their 70s. This play was based off of a […]

Zimmerman and de Perrot come to London

After cell phones are shut off and put away following the French announcement to do so, the movement on the stage begins. Two men, dressed in seemingly casual attire, make a rhythmic sound using the wooden blocks scattered on the slanted stage and the DJ table off to the right. The lights remain high as […]

Greetings from Tanzania, Africa!

Hello all! I am sitting in an air conditioned internet cafe in Iringa, Tanzania. It is still maybe aroud 80 degress in here, but it feels nice. The last time somebody from our group blogged, we were about to embark on our journey to the small village of Tungamalenga, which is only around 70 kilometers […]