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Magical Moments: Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon and Arabian Nights

“Rock star” isn’t exactly the first label that most people connect with William Shakespeare. “Poet,” “playwright,” or simply “writer” are much more common associations. But for a Theatre and English double major like me, “rock star” sums it up when I think of Shakespeare. Which is why I was surprised when on Tuesday January 13, […]

Tate Modern’s Pop Life: Art in the Material World from London

Upon arriving at the Tate Modern, a museum of international and modern art, the only visible colors from the outside of the building were the blue and pink neon words Pop Life. This small taste of color foreshadowed what the exhibition Pop Life: Art in the Material World contained. This exhibition, seen by our group, […]

The National Theatre in London Delivers with Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.

One chilly evening in London, we made our first of many journeys to The National Theatre of London.   Appreciated for its beautiful architecture and purple lit grey concrete from the outside; inside it features three different theatres all with more than 400 seats.  On this particular day we sat in the Olivier Theatre, 1160 seats, […]

St. Thomas Hospital in London; Macabre and Cozy

By Rachel Craig for T/D 199; Arts and Performance in London The tenth of January started off with a bit of snow in London as the group of Gustavus students and I got off the tube at London Bridge Station and headed for the unknown. The activity that was originally planned was cancelled and had […]

Oh how I wish I had a working shower

Today was my first full day in Hungary!! It got off to an interesting start with an epic battle between me and the “shower”. It’s essentially a bath tub with a shower head and no curtain. To make things more difficult it seems to be broken because no matter how many different things we do […]


The expression pura vida, literally meaning pure life, is the favorite of both Costa Rican and foreigners alike. It is used as a greeting, good bye, the equivalent of OK, or just a one size fits-all expression. Our group, fortunatelly, is in pura vida mood ninety nine percent of the time. Our daily routine starts […]

Learning About British-ness at the National Portrait Gallery in London

The National Portrait Gallery is located on Charing Cross Road, close to Trafalgar Square in London, and is within walking distance from our flats at the Janet Poole House in Bloomsbury.  The National Portrait Gallery is very close to where we saw Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as a group the night before. On display are over […]

Two layovers and three flights later..

So I’m finally here!! After a year and a half of paperwork and anticipation, I am sitting at the kitchen table in my Hungarian apartment eating the pasta I made with ingredients from the local market. The crazy thing is that I’ve only been here for about 4 hours, but I’m already unpacked and on […]


After a twelve hour bus ride we arrived at the Lutheran Center in Iringa late at night. The next morning we had breakfast and went to the market for a few hours. In the afternoon we visited an orphanage with about thirty-five children. We played, sang, and gave them gifts before we made our way […]

An Installation of Reality at the Barbican Center, London.

On the ninth of January 2010 we ventured to The Barbican Centre to explore a specific piece of art. The Barbican sits right in the heart of London and includes various types of art and performance. Theatre, music, art, dance, film, educational instruction, and several restaurants are all available in this large building. This center […]