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Things I Have Learned

My year in Tanzania has taught me many things. Here is a list of some of those things. How to barter in the market The basics of Swahili How to teach How to shower in water just above absolute zero The rules of tennis To cook local fare To tolerate internet that moves slower than […]

Bartering 101

In American culture the word shopping conjures up images of gossiping teenage girls clutching designer purses, and soccer moms pushing overflowing grocery carts through the isles of Cub-Foods with Junior sitting up front, screaming for a box of Coco-Puffs. In Tanzania, shopping is done a little differently. Sure, girls here, as all over the world, […]

Yes, Teacher

Now that you know a little more about schooling in Tanzania, I can tell you more about my adventures as a teacher.  This year, before arriving in Tanzania, I thought perhaps I could volunteer at a school and help tutor or do other things.  What I never expected was that  I would become a teacher.  […]

PT in TZ

Public transportation is very different here in Tanzania compared to the United States.  In my rural mid-west hometown, we only have two forms of public transportation.   We have a transit bus system which only works in-town and very few people use it.  And we have school buses which are used exclusively by, you guessed it, […]

2 + 2 = 4

This year I have been teaching in a Tanzanian school.  It has been interesting to see how things differ between schooling here and in the States.  Here is a look at some of the things I’ve noticed.  In Tanzania school years are arranged a bit differently.  You start out at age seven with primary schooling […]