Things I Have Learned Posted on May 30th, 2010 by

My year in Tanzania has taught me many things. Here is a list of some of those things.

  • How to barter in the market
  • The basics of Swahili
  • How to teach
  • How to shower in water just above absolute zero
  • The rules of tennis
  • To cook local fare
  • To tolerate internet that moves slower than continental plates
  • To adjust to being watched by everyone within eyeshot
  • To identify Tanzanian birds
  • Patience
  • A new culture
  • How to play badminton
  • To use local public transportation
  • To dance
  • Fix a flat tire
  • Do laundry without a washing machine
  • Function without electricity
  • Function without water
  • De-slug a kitchen (to remove giant slugs from kitchen countertops)
  • To eat new foods like passion fruit, ugali and coconuts
  • To write on blackboads

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