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Ah, I’m not very good with titles. You’ll have to forgive me…

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet all of you! My name is Jasmine. I’m a sophomore here at Gustavus and I’ll be spending my year abroad in Japan attending Nanzan University with IES abroad. I’m leaving on Friday, but being the pro procrastinator I am I haven’t started packing. I’ve been thinking about making a list though–that has to count for something, right?

This isn’t going to be my first time going to Japan, nor is it going to be my first time studying abroad there. However, it will indeed be the first time staying there for a whole nine months. I do not doubt that I’l experience some rough spots with homesickness, and I don’t believe that culture shock magically goes away after the first time going there. But from this point looking down the road, there’s no way I can be absolutely sure. Only time and experience will tell!

I’m very happy to be blogging for Gustavus. I’ll do my best to document my experiences and make them as interesting, informative, and (I swear I had a third adjective) as possible. But for today, this is it I think. See you all later!


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