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German Tests and Ending the Preliminary Course

Alright, so we went to Worms on Sunday September 19. That was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday. The Dom (cathedral) there is pretty impressive and it’s where the Diet of Worms took place so there’s a good deal of history to be learned there. (Hint: I didn’t learn it all) Because this […]

First Impressions

First Impressions: “Wow there are a lot of cats, watch out for crazy motorcycle drivers [I was two inches from being run over the other day. Greece is number 2 in Europe for vehicle accidents and deaths due to crazy drivers.], oh cool, I can see the Parthenon from my academic center. My first day […]

Fashion Sense

Well, as things are starting to slip into routine, not so many things are standing out now. I was a bit lost on what to post today but I noticed something interesting on the way home. As September draws to a close, fall is dawning upon us in this little island nation. This means that […]

All ends of the spectrum…

It’s only Tuesday and this week has been really great so far! Over the weekend, the other IES students and I went to Kanazawa, which is like a mini Kyoto in that it’s rather traditional. It was really great, because going there we had to cut through the island (Nagoya is located almost directly south […]

London Calling

If you ever go to London and are looking for a nice hostel to stay in, I recommend looking up St. Christopher’s Inns. They are a hostel chain that stretches across Europe, has multiple locations within London, and caters specifically to kids my age. I was really surprised with how clean and secure it was. […]

Belated Update

So, it seems that I have been too busy for a while to write again so I am making myself do it now before I make the excuse that I’m too tired again. I know a lot has happened since last time but I don’t honestly remember where I left off. (Isn’t that always the […]

A Land of Ice & Fire: Iceland

Hello world, I’m currently sitting in my apartment located in Athens. Yes, Athens, Greece. Not Athens, Georgia or Athens, Ohio. But before I try to explain the beauty and Grandeur of this Grand ole city. I want to briefly touch on my travels prior to Greece. I flew out on Wednesday, August 25th 2010. First […]


This past weekend our group went on an excursion to Novgorod. It was about a 3 hour bus ride one way, so, it wasn’t too long of a trip, but it was gloomy and sprinkled the whole time. And I loved it! Even though Novgorod is a small city (only 250,000 citizens compared to St. […]


Class has finally begin! It’s still all in the introduction phase since it hasn’t exactly been a week yet, but everything is so interesting so far. Aside from the intensive Japanese classes (which last about 2~3 hours a day, depending on the day) I’m taking four others– Japanese Culture and Art, Flower Arranging (or ikebana), […]

Still in Heidelberg

I believe it’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m not really used to remembering that sort of thing. Also I don’t remember what I talked about last time I wrote so we’ll see how this goes. Since last time, I have had more contact with the roommate/suitemate. I tend to try to […]