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Posted on September 21st, 2010 by

It’s only Tuesday and this week has been really great so far!

Over the weekend, the other IES students and I went to Kanazawa, which is like a mini Kyoto in that it’s rather traditional. It was really great, because going there we had to cut through the island (Nagoya is located almost directly south of Kanazawa) and we got to see and travel through all the mountains. It was beautiful! Too bad we didn’t go in the fall; the mountainsides were covered in trees. There, we stayed in another ryokan and tried out the onsen there and it was really relaxing. We also got to visit this huge fish market and a really nice park. It was a lot of fun.

Since the Japanese students started class on Thursday, I got to experience my Observation&Analysis class with the other Japanese students. It’s an “open class” so both international and Japanese students get to mix. The teacher is really cool, and all the students seem really nice!! And as for the class matter, it’s very interesting–what you do is analyze the speaking habits of different members of Japanese society, and take into account culture, age, occupation, etc. Today was mostly introduction but I hope the future classes will be just as amusing!

Also, today I decided to try out a club–a martial art called shorinji kempo (at least read the blurb on the site, it’s too difficult to explain!). It was only my first day, so it was a bit difficult and I wasn’t very good but it was fun (everything just seems to be fun hahaha). The other club members are really nice and helpful. There’s no class this Thursday since I plan on going Tuesdays+Thursdays, but I will definitely be going back next Tuesday!

Finally something for you to roll your eyes at–the new generation of Pokemon came out recently and I’ve been playing it. You’re probably like, why would you do that it’s for children! I guess you’d be surprised here then. I look around and it blows my mind how many people are playing it. Especially on the train. Every time I get on a train there is at least one person in my car playing it. At first I felt a bit conscious of myself playing Pokemon of all things in a public place like that, but I look around and I see all sorts of people–high school kids, older college students, even people going to and from work–engrossed in their ‘mons and I don’t feel as bad. Haha!

Well tomorrow I have an early day so I guess it would be best to finish up now. See you next week!



  1. Laura (SCIENCE!) says:

    Hahahaha you and your Pokemon Jasmine.
    That “Observation & Analysis” class sounds really awesome!

  2. Jim Bernhardt says:

    I like the Pokeman story. I can see it from here, businessmen in suits, on the train, on their way to work, all playing Pokeman! What a country. Great story.