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On Holidays

Ohh another late post… Sorry about that! This week has been pretty strange. I usually only have class in the morning until noon on Mondays and Wednesdays, but this Tuesday was a holiday so my afternoon open class was canceled. That must have messed me up, because I’m used to coming home late after kempo […]

The Rents and their visit to Florence part one: Cinque Terre Trip

Before I made the big trip to Florence back in September, I knew that my parents and my sister were all very interested in making a trip across seas to visit me. Both for personal and supportive reasons. So, this last week, the plans actually became reality! On a Monday morning, my parents and their […]

Fall break to Paris and Amsterdam: culture shock at its finest.

Unlike Gustavus, Lorenzo de’ Medici has the best fall break ever! Each year, they have a break long enough for American Students to explore Europe while they’re here for a short time. So, taking full advantage of this break, Melanie, Selin, Lauren (her boyfriend as well) and I all scheduled a nice, well-deserved, trip across […]

Halloween and Since

Halloween was kind of a while ago but I did kind of say I would talk about it. As it turns out, it was really fun but not really “traditional” in the more recent American sense of the idea. Basically we had a party at my friends’ place because they have a large kitchen in […]

Late post

What I thought was a relaxing week is actually the opposite, oops! Sorry. While homework in terms of busywork homework has lessened, two of my classes are actually busy with projects now. Two big end of the year group projects! The one for my observation class is actually pretty cool, considering we are doing an […]

I am not a Spice Girl nor am I one of Charlie’s Angels.

During the last week of October, my school had a week long fall break. This lengthy break gave me the chance to do traveling that required longer than a weekend. With only one day of rest after my long trip in the Peloponnese, I headed off to Istanbul, Turkey with a few friends, Eliza, Casey, […]


Oops! I forgot to post yesterday. Sorry about that! Anyway, I went to Kyoto this weekend with the IES group as the last field trip for fall semester. Boo! It was fun though–unfortunately it was my fourth time in Kyoto and not the first seeing the sights that we did, so I didn’t take many […]


Sorry for the late post today. I arrived home from Tokyo yesterday evening. It was a lot of fun! I left on Friday with my friend from IES and we stayed in a nice hostel just outside of Akihabara–the electronics and nerdy district (famous for the maid cafes, maybe you’ve heard of them). We didn’t […]