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Sorry for the late post today. I arrived home from Tokyo yesterday evening. It was a lot of fun!

I left on Friday with my friend from IES and we stayed in a nice hostel just outside of Akihabara–the electronics and nerdy district (famous for the maid cafes, maybe you’ve heard of them). We didn’t do much sightseeing as we both have done that before, so we did a lot of exploring the city. I think we went to Akihabara at least once each day for one reason or another, we went to Shibuya and Ueno.

Every day though we ate incredible food! We managed to eat Indian curry and naan, kebabs, Taiwanese noodles and Korean barbeque. It was all really delicious. Tokyo’s a very international place!

We were lucky enough to be there on Halloween. We dropped by Harajuku for a while and it was jam packed, and I would guess about half of the people there were in costume. My friends and I also did a cosplay purikura (which is print club–I’m going to be writing about this later) in commemoration of Halloween. It was tons of fun.

On the way back we stopped over in Shizuoka to see the giant Gundam per my friend’s request. It was life size but it was huge. If you don’t know what Gundam is then I’m going to direct you over to Wikipedia :)

The trip was a lot of fun but now I’m tired. Luckily there’s no school tomorrow either (yay vacation!) and so I get to do my homework and rest some more. :)


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