On Holidays

Posted on November 25th, 2010 by

Ohh another late post… Sorry about that!

This week has been pretty strange. I usually only have class in the morning until noon on Mondays and Wednesdays, but this Tuesday was a holiday so my afternoon open class was canceled. That must have messed me up, because I’m used to coming home late after kempo practice then posting then. I must have forgotten because I got home so early on Tuesday!

It’s kind of upsetting because we didn’t get to have off with the rest of Japanese society on Tuesday. It was a holiday called Labor Thanksgiving Day, and I guess almost no one was working because it was pretty quiet then, haha. Oh well! Winter break is in… about three weeks, I think after all these projects and stuff are done next week, things will go by fast (oh no the semester’s almost over!!!).

And, happy Thanksgiving to all those in the states! I hope you’re enjoying your vacation, haha. Unfortunately it’s not a Japanese holiday so no break for us :(


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