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My Peloponnesian Excursion

To anyone out there who is searching for a study abroad program, I highly suggest you pick a program that includes class field trips in the surrounding areas of the city where the actual program is located. My study abroad school has offered so many trips enabling me to see so many historical sights that […]

That Trip to Salzburg

So, AJY gave us all these German Rail passes and we can use them five days in a 30 day period. A couple of us had some days left and since Annika wanted to see Salzburg, and I had been rather happy with the place (those two other times I’d been there) so me, and […]


Good evening everyone! This post is going to be quick because I have to go to bed soon :) All last week and this week has been tests, tests, tests. It’s time for midterms and I’ve had a test every day so far since last Monday (with two more the next two days). It’s been […]

Fall Break continued

Hey, remember that time that I was like, “I’ll just continue this post tomorrow,” and actually believed it? That was a funny time. Anyways, it seems I am now really behind so I’ll be trying to catch you up. I’ve had some interesting times and might as well share. I’m also trying to catch up […]

Happy 400!

Every year, Nagoya has something called “Nagoya Matsuri”, which is essentially a festival celebrating the city. I really really lucked out coming this year, because 400 years ago in 1610 the city was essentially, well, founded (please pardon my English, it’s been getting worse (This is a good thing!)). If you’ve ever taken a Japanese […]


Hatachi is a very exciting thing for most Japanese. It means 20 years old, and 20 is the legal age over here. People who turn 20 this year also get a special ceremony in January called Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day. Girls usually get to wear very beautiful kimonos and stuff. Why […]

Fall Break

So, I guess last time I failed to mention the DSH, which took up most of my attention that last week. The DSH stands for something that means we need to show how well we know German. We were told from the outset that about half of us would pass and half wouldn’t, but never […]

October in Athens

One of the coolest parts about living in Athens is that as a thriving metropolis, every new day brings some new and crazy experience. Right now Greece is in an economic crisis, similar to the U.S. though it was not as stable in the first place. The Greeks are a people that are very passionate […]

On Myself

I noticed that most of my posts have been about events. Today I thought for a long time of what to write and I thought hey, I should probably talk a bit about how I’m doing! I’m doing pretty well, actually. I’m not quite terribly homesick and my health has been doing pretty well. You […]

Dear America, I miss the following…

After being isolated from the state side for over a month now, I have been able to create an extensive list of things I both miss and don’t miss about our good ole heartland. (In no particular order) I miss…. 1. Netflix, Hulu, and all streaming that doesn’t work outside of the U.S. 2. American […]