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Wait, I’m here to study?

Now, I know a very good reason to study abroad is to simply get the cultural experience and do something you’ll never have a chance to ever do again in your life. For me, that was just one small reason to study abroad. The main overlying factor that influenced my decision was the all the […]

First Time outside of Tuscany: The Alps, Garda Lake, and Verona!

I will begin with an apology for all of you who’ve been waiting for me to blog again. Sorry it took such a long time but I got caught up with classes and traveling. Now that I’m back into the swing of things, I’m far past due for another post! This particular entry will highlight […]

The Texas of Greece-Crete.

One of the best aspects of my study abroad program is that my school frequently hosts class field trips outside of Athens. This past week I traveled to Crete for five days. Crete was beautiful. There was so much more nature and beauty outside of the big-city atmosphere of Athens. Crete is unique when it […]

German Tests and Ending the Preliminary Course

Alright, so we went to Worms on Sunday September 19. That was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday. The Dom (cathedral) there is pretty impressive and it’s where the Diet of Worms took place so there’s a good deal of history to be learned there. (Hint: I didn’t learn it all) Because this […]

First Impressions

First Impressions: “Wow there are a lot of cats, watch out for crazy motorcycle drivers [I was two inches from being run over the other day. Greece is number 2 in Europe for vehicle accidents and deaths due to crazy drivers.], oh cool, I can see the Parthenon from my academic center. My first day […]

Fashion Sense

Well, as things are starting to slip into routine, not so many things are standing out now. I was a bit lost on what to post today but I noticed something interesting on the way home. As September draws to a close, fall is dawning upon us in this little island nation. This means that […]

All ends of the spectrum…

It’s only Tuesday and this week has been really great so far! Over the weekend, the other IES students and I went to Kanazawa, which is like a mini Kyoto in that it’s rather traditional. It was really great, because going there we had to cut through the island (Nagoya is located almost directly south […]

London Calling

If you ever go to London and are looking for a nice hostel to stay in, I recommend looking up St. Christopher’s Inns. They are a hostel chain that stretches across Europe, has multiple locations within London, and caters specifically to kids my age. I was really surprised with how clean and secure it was. […]

Belated Update

So, it seems that I have been too busy for a while to write again so I am making myself do it now before I make the excuse that I’m too tired again. I know a lot has happened since last time but I don’t honestly remember where I left off. (Isn’t that always the […]

A Land of Ice & Fire: Iceland

Hello world, I’m currently sitting in my apartment located in Athens. Yes, Athens, Greece. Not Athens, Georgia or Athens, Ohio. But before I try to explain the beauty and Grandeur of this Grand ole city. I want to briefly touch on my travels prior to Greece. I flew out on Wednesday, August 25th 2010. First […]