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Making the Most of It, English Style.

When you think about England, several things spring to mind: tea, the Beatles, David Beckham, the Queen.  History comes to mind, traditions, innovations; all these are part of what England is and what England will be.  On our tour of the National Portrait Gallery, our tour guide Leslie neatly encapsulated an interesting aspect of English […]

The Echoes of War

Stepping into the performance space, the audience’s senses are assaulted. Bagpipe music screams through the sound system and computer-programmed lights swoop through the air as if trying to find an audience member in a game show. The air is foggy, and a kind of stadium has been created by dividing the seats into two sets […]

Seeds of Identity

The Tate Modern is the national gallery of international modern art located in the heart of London’s South Bank.  Created in 2000 from an abandoned power station, his museum is one of four Tate museums. The collection in the Tate Modern comprised of art from the year 1900 and beyond.  The museum is home to […]

Prepared for Departure

I’m not nervous. The business-like brevity of everything at airports makes me feel settled and that everything is in order, and it is.

The Saatchi at Second Glance: Where do your exes live?

by Mary Virginia Cooley On Friday, January 7th of our first week in London, our sufficiently dampened class made its way along the Underground to a stop at Sloane Square in Chelsea. Near the square were the Royal Court Theatre and the St. Thomas Moore Language College. The area also included some retail locations, from […]

Please Sir, I Want Some More: A Tale of Identity

For our January term, a class made up of twelve students and two professors have traveled to London, England to experience British culture.  We went to a show in the West End called Oliver! for our first group adventure.  Oliver!, a musical based on the well-known novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, represents London culture […]

A Less Than Ideal Performance

By Kenton Watson On Tuesday night, we all went to see a performance of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband at the Vaudeville Theatre. The Vaudeville is a West End theatre, and so the group had only a short ride on the tube to the Charing Cross stop, which is three stops away from our starting […]

Historic London Meets the Modern World at Borough Market

Consider Borough Market a feast for all senses. While the main draw is, naturally, the vast variety of food and drink, the sights and sounds of Londoners and tourists alike meandering the alleys and avenues of stalls is certainly something to behold. While not all smells are definitively pleasant, the alternating whiffs of cider, grilling […]

My Holiday Break

Hello again! So, I had thought that my next thing to write about was Paris and I was therefore way behind but I just checked and in reality, I already wrote about Paris! Good for me! Although, since it’s still been weeks, I think I still count as way behind but let’s think beyond that […]

Hola from Quito

Bio 146 is having a great time, and taking advantage of a rare opportunity : down time! Today we have a morning discussion on evolution and what it means to be a species, then we listen to a lecture on biodiversity from an Ecuadorian biologist. The afternoon is free…some of our students are going to […]