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Quick Update!

So, it’s been awhile. Approximately 24 days. Turns out, studying abroad is quite the time-suck. First of all: CRAZY ISTANBUL WEATHER! Coming from Duluth, Minnesota, I thought I knew crazy weather. Blinding sunshine will trick me out into -20 degree-Fahrenheit weather that makes my lungs hurt. The next day, 20 degrees above zero feels like a […]

Hiroshima: A Story of Mass Destruction

A-Bomb dome as it stands today One week ago in Hiroshima, I had the privilege of hearing a survivor of the atomic bombing share her experiences during and following the horrible events of August 6th, 1945. After arriving in Hiroshima by shinkansen (bullet train), I found myself unsure of what to expect from the city. Walking out […]

The Situation in Japan

                                  As northern Japan is the scene of disaster and destruction, here in Hirakata we wait to see what we can do to help. As everyone has no doubt heard by now, northern Japan was hit by an incredibly […]

Earthquakes and such

So if you’ve been keeping up to date with the news in the past 24ish hours, you’ve probably heard that there was an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan. The Tohoku region (northeastern part) of the country was affected the worst, and the Tokyo area is also in pretty bad shape the last […]

Culture Shock!

Turkey is another country, which is easy to forget when I am on an English-speaking campus and I hang out with mostly Americans or Western Europeans. I have the luxury of almost always being able to use my first language,  and when I can’t I can often ask a Turkish friend or fellow student to […]