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Introduction to Lima and PUCP

Hello! I suppose I haven’t yet given an introduction to where I’m living, which might have been a more logical place to start this blog. Lima is a huge coastal city, the capital of Peru. The concrete jungle stretches miles along the bay. The weather here, being winter, is cold, gray and damp. 60 degrees […]

Polvos Azules

Welcome to Polvos Azules (blue dusts/powders), the treasure chest of the informal market of Lima. Make a voyage through the corridors of millions of “original” items: navegate the sea of Nike shoes bathed in white light, plunder Barcelona fútbol jerseys at 20 soles, unearth the Rosetta Stone or the Pirates of the Caribbean series, next […]

Graffiti in Oslo

I should have been tired the first day I arrived in Oslo but the excitement of being in a new country kept me up all day.  The directors told us to not go eat out much because it gets expensive but we went out anyways.  We were told to go to Gronland, where things would […]

The Power of Transportation: Destination Oslo, Norway

I grew anxious as soon as I entered the MSP airport to see long lines, security officers, and people who budged lines because they had gold passes.  Surprisingly I made it through all the security checks quicker than I thought. My flight was scheduled for a 2 hr flight to New York then I would have […]

Testing. one. two. three?

Hey! This is my first official posting for my India blog. No, i’m not in India yet (11 days…not that i’m counting) but I just wanted to make sure this whole thing worked before they released me into the wild jungle that is Bangalore, India! Hope this blog finds everyone having a great summer…or at […]

Ruralman vs. the Urban Micro

Hello! This is Ian Shay, a sophomore Spanish Major at Gustavus, writing from Lima, Perú. I’m here for a year with the CIEE Liberal Arts program, studying at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and staying with a host family. I arrived a couple weeks ago, and we are just finishing our Intensive Spanish in […]