Graffiti in Oslo

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I should have been tired the first day I arrived in Oslo but the excitement of being in a new country kept me up all day.  The directors told us to not go eat out much because it gets expensive but we went out anyways.  We were told to go to Gronland, where things would be cheaper because it was where the immigrants settled.  My group hopped into the T-bane and got off at the Gronland stop, which was underground. When we got out we marveled at how many people were just walking around the streets and how beautiful things were.  We found the restaurant that was recommended to us by the directors which was called Pun Jab Tandori, an Indian restaurant. The food was relatively cheap, around 70 kroners for each dish.  It was decent food, better than I expected and I admit I should have taken a picture before I gobbled it down, I was too hungry.

After we finished our cheap meal we explored Gronland. Walking around there was an ad on the bus stop that said “Stop Tagging” with other Norwegian words surrounding it. I was a little confused about what it was trying to say but after a block or two I figured out why the sign was there. There was graffiti everywhere on the streets. Every wall had some sort of graffiti. We found an abandoned parking lot with huge murals on all the walls. Here are some pictures:

After we took those pictures we got kind of lost and tried to find a way back to the T-bane. We walked down this shady looking street that went under a bridge and found even more graffiti. This time there were little squares that had really nice pictures in them but all of them had some sort of graffiti over them.  Here’s some examples of the ones I liked that weren’t vandalized:



  1. Ky says:

    These artist are amazing! Very unique colors and styles! I only hope that you have more pictures of these during your visit!

  2. Tong Thao says:

    I’m on a mission to find more

  3. Barbara says:

    Thanks – very colorful artwork, authorized and unauthorized.