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Reflections of a Vegetarian in Lima

Since last fall in the U.S. I was eating vegetarian, mostly for political and environmental reasons.  I am not morally opposed to eating meat, and I enjoy eating it particularly if it has come from a sustainable source, where the animals were treated well. Eating vegetarian in the U.S. was great because I largely had […]

Homesickness and Culture Shock.

Some people are meant to be world travelers. They can just go anywhere, stay, eat the food and live like a local. A friend that I just met in my group, after a day in Sevilla, decided that he is going to live here permanently, and he was serious. Another friend of mine changed her […]

Greetings from Sevilla!

Hola! This semester, I am going to be in Seville, Spain. I like to call it Sevilla, because that is how the city is called in Spain. I am with CIEE Liberal Arts in Sevilla program. I will be taking some classes from CIEE and some classes at the University of Sevilla with other international […]