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My program started about two weeks ago and I have about two months left in Spain but it is not until now that I find myself functioning in an organized schedule. I was always complaining that I had too much free time but I started to have more work now and because of which, I have to arrange everything so I have time to study, hang out with friends, volunteer and travel and I am pretty happy with how my schedule has turned out to be.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I have three classes, nine to eleven in the morning, three to five then seven to nine in the evening. I did not like how one of the classes are so late and the gaps are so long. I was always exhausted when I got home and the gap between those two classes in the evening was sort of useless because I did not know what to do and it was not enough for me to go home and then come back to class either. I decided to turn those into my downtime when I completely forget about homework and do whatever I want. Sometimes I go to the park to read a book that I had always wanted but never read because I was lazy. Sometimes I walk or bike around and explore parts that I did not know in Sevilla. It surprised me a little bit since it has been a while when I last complained about having to walk everywhere! The weather has cooled down and it is actually quite pleasant taking a walk here, and there are so many things to see! Sometimes I go to a new restaurant to try some new food. I found out today that McDonald’s serves beer here!

A French bakery that my friends and I just found!

A view on my walk by the river










I got lost walking one day and found part of the old CIty Wall of Sevilla

Every Tuesday morning I go to a school to volunteer. My first time was overwhelming as I mentioned earlier but I imagined the kids would be used to having me around eventually so I decided to give it another try. The director was there this time so I could do what I was supposed to do: reading stories for the kids. He put me in a class with kids that are about five years old and surprisingly they did not pay much attention at my appearance. It was pretty hard reading and explaining the stories for the kids. I realized that I did not have any experience with kids and I have to admit that there are many words from those stories that I do not understand but the main teacher was really nice and she helped me a lot.

Since we do not have class on Fridays, my friends and I have our weekly special breakfast together. We found out that nuns in churches here bake and sell pastries and as main source of income to run and maintain the church. My friends and I love going there really early so we can get freshly baked muffins every Friday. Sometimes CIEE organize fieldtrips for students on Fridays, sometimes we have plan to travel on our own. One of my favorite things to do during the weekends is to go to a bar to watch a soccer match. I really want to go to a game here but the ticket is fairly expensive. In the mean time, I go to bars and watch the games on TV with other soccer fans. My host mom told me that it could be a good way for me to meet people, make new friends and practice speaking Spanish too.

My friends and I at a bar watching soccer

Attentive soccer fans at the bar









The bar crowded with soccer fans

My schedule is pretty packed with all that work and activities already and I no longer complain not knowing what to do during my free time. If I do, my host mom can always fill it up for me. I have been much more comfortable being around her now. I find it really easy to talk to her because she has a strong point of view in everything topic or controversy and she can talk about it all day long. Whenever she talks about something, she makes sure that I understand completely everything she says and sometimes write down words that were new to me.


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