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My Weekly Schedule

My program started about two weeks ago and I have about two months left in Spain but it is not until now that I find myself functioning in an organized schedule. I was always complaining that I had too much free time but I started to have more work now and because of which, I […]

Comparing PUCP and GAC

Going to school at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (la Católica) is a little bit different than Gustavus. Some things I like less, and some things I like more. If you’re curious about student life here, here’s a bit of comparison: Before I get ahead of myself, I should let you know where I’m […]

Little things

  I don’t have any big news, but here’s some little news. Winter in Lima is cold, damp, and cloudy, nearly always gray. But we’re getting into spring now, which means that the sun peeks out every now and then to warm us up. Everything is suddenly brighter, warmer, more colorful, more alive. In case […]

My Experience of Living as an Asian in Sevilla

Before I had left for Spain, a friend of mine told me that Spanish people were racists. I was advised by some others before the trip and during orientation not to take anything personal and that Spanish people are often really straightforward and expressive in terms of saying what they think. I have been keeping […]

Other Cities in Spain: Cadiz and Osuna

As part of our program with CIEE, we have several weekend excursions to different cities in Spain. Two weeks ago we got to Cadiz, the oldest city in Spain and this morning, we had a small trip to Osuna, a small town in the province of Sevilla, and also where my host mom is from. […]

Pieces of Flamenco Dance

Thinking about Spain, most people imagine about bullfights and flamenco dances and I think it is fair to say that those are the two most typical images of Spain. Unfortunately the bullfight season is over and I will not be able to report about my experience of watching a bullfight because I never went to […]

I’ve Seen the Great Heights!

Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains, from anywhere you are in Bergen you can see at least 3 or 4. Never in my life did I imagine that I could climb a mountain that high.  Saturday morning, when most people my age are sleeping in from a long night of partying, I woke up early […]

Mediterranean Aspects in Spanish Food

As part of my program with CIEE, we can take part in different groups of interest throughout the semester. Each group of interest focus on various aspects of the Spanish culture and in the end of the semester, we travel to another city or even country to look at the culture from outside of Sevilla. […]

The university and a little surprise.

My two weeks of intensive Spanish grammar with CIEE came to an end and my regular classes started on Monday. This semester I am taking two classes at CIEE and two at the University of Sevilla. The classes I am taking at the University are the “cursos para los extranjeros” – classes for foreigners, which […]

Norway in a Nut Shell: Fjord Tour

Now this is what Norway is all about! Pristine, clear, blue water and snow capped mountain tops. I marveled at the sight of these beautiful mountains and valleys because Minnesota is so FLAT, well at least where I have been. First we, my buddy Reed and I, took a train to Voss, then a bus […]