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Today was our first day together as a group. We spent the day writing a mission statement for our trip (awesome work!!), discussing the chapters we were assigned in The Peru Reader, meeting with the other students to present the portions we learned, then back with our healthcare and education groups to make a poster reflecting the lessons we learned in Peru. We watched a video about the mission in Chimbote and Father Jack’s work there-one student said it best “I am more excited now than before to see what a difference we can make there.”

Tomorrow, we learn how to teach English classes and think about our work in the healthcare areas, then home for last minute packing. Unfortunately, we have to leave Gustavus on the bus at 00 dark thirty on Friday to get to the airport by 0600, then we leave and arrive in Lima Friday evening, at which point our adventure really begins. I can’t wait-the butterflies are starting to be very active!

We will post photos of the posters tomorrow-they look great.


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