Traveling from the State of Hockey to the current city of the President

Posted on January 5th, 2012 by

Yesterday was one filled with excitement, pressure changes, nervousness, and accusations. I think you can guess why it was filled with excitement, pressure changes, and neverousness–we flew on a plane–but accusations? What? Our group now figured out why getting to the airport three hours before a flight is important. First off, our group wasn’t set up in the airline’s systems correctly. After that problem was resolved we went through security. Two people got stopped for some items in their bags. One of them was accused of having items with traces of “explosive residue.” Luckily, no further search was necessary and we were able to board the flight on time. Although the flight contained a screaming pooping baby, the two and a half hour flight went by in no time! We were in D.C.!

We got to the amazing hotel stocked with two live swans, settled, and left to visit the city. It was a great night filled with walking to the White House and seeing the Lincoln monument. The college men of the group were even able to make it to the MLK Jr. Memorial. It’s a must see.

I am blogging right before we leave for the airport to take our Ethiopian Air international flight. Next post will be in Tanzania!


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  1. JL Yost says:

    Glad you made it to MLK Memorial.