Tres Reyes de Chimbote

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Hello friends and family!

Today was a very busy day, which began with us being introduced during morning mass to the community. There was a Christmas celebration of the three kings in which we participated. We walked with three Chimbotanos who were dressed as kings and were recovering addicts/alcoholics. We walked through the town, delivering gifts and special Christmas bread to ill shut-ins that the healthcare group will be working with.

After that, we sat on the roof of the mission and watched some Chimbotanos playing soccer. There was a huge crowds and lots of music because Sunday is tournament day. Lunch followed and then a brief siesta before taking a tour of Father Jacks other developments in the community, including a rehabilitation center, a hospice care center (which is the only known center in South America), and a youth development center.

We were invited to play soccer with some of the employees here at the mission, which was a lot of fun and entertaining for those who watched (haha!).

We were again introduced to the community during the evening mass and were invited to sit in on the service. It was definitely not the typical Catholic service one would see in the US. It was very upbeat and energetic. Father Jack reflected on the three kings once again and then discussed the mentality of revenge, stating that it was not okay to harm someone just because they harmed you first (although it was difficult to understand as the service was ALL in Spanish).

Tomorrow the education teams will start working in the classrooms while the healthcare team will make their way throughout the city, helping those in need. We are all very excited!

Love, Sophie  D. and Alyssa G.

PS shout out to Mom, Dad, Claire, Alec, and Max

PPS shout out to Mom, Dad, and Scott


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