January 9th, POL-155

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Well, the most surreal day of our Turkey trip is finally here: the final hours before departure.  After a week of preparation in background on Turkish history, popular culture, controversies, and role in global affairs, it is time to be guests in the wonderful city of Istanbul.  On this last day of class on-campus, it was a day for people to voice their most thoughtful and articulate questions; a wide variety of inquiries were addressed, including questions about Turkish cuisine, paper due dates and prompts, the weather in Istanbul versus that of Ephesus, and flight details.  After an in-depth study of the course schedule, I think that everyone got even more excited for the both the individual daily excursions and the experience as a whole.  A round of applause and a standing ovation for Professor Iglit for the tremendous amount of work she has done to make this trip happen for all of us.  And as the sun sets slowly in the West, I bid you a fond farewell.



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  1. Orsan Oncul says:

    A round of applause and a standing ovation for Professor Ilgit from Turkey for this trip too.