A day of new experiences!

Posted on January 14th, 2012 by

Our first weekend in Peru to be tourists and explore the city has started out with a bang! Today our group got the chance to climb a mountain to see the city of chimbote in whole new light. It started out with challenging some fears by driving up the mountain in a bus, but we did it and were ready for the hike the rest of the way up.  At the stopping point with the bus we got to see and explore a beautiful church that was built by the community.  The church was built by people walking the needed materials up and down the mountain over and over again until it was done.  The church is beautiful and a great spot for weddings that sometimes are held there. The view was amazing! On one side was the ocean and the other the city.  After exploring the church we were able to make the choice wether or not to climb the rest of the mountain to the top where a cross lay.  Almost the entire group made it and it was a great experience for all.  After the trip to the mountain we were able to spend a couple hours at the beach. This was another beautiful view of the wonders of peru.  There was a beautiful blue ocean with mountains surroundig it. It was a great time and we wish we could have been there longer. We cannot wait for the rest of the experiences that lay ahead.


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