Hola from the healthcare crew!

Posted on January 20th, 2012 by

Hola families, this is the healthcare group, including Katie, Mara, Kayleigh, Alyssa, and Christina. We have seen a lot of amazing things and people over the past two weeks and thought we would share it with you! Our service has been split between the hospice and clinic in Chimbote.

At the clinic, we have been helping the pediatric nurse, Adriana,  by taking heights and weights and doing physical and developmental exams with help from Lori. We learned a lot about the development of the children and the cultural differences between our countries. Also, while we worked in the clinic, we each got to spend a morning shadowing the obstetrician where we saw ultrasounds, exams, and contraceptive counseling.

The hospice center is very beautiful and is the only one in South America. We will bring pictures! The days we volunteered in hospice we would pair up with the nurses to go out on home visits in the community. One of the nurses, Katie, was a missionary from Texas and she was especially welcoming and showed us around Chimbote. On the home visits, we saw a variety of patients suffering from diabetes, bed sores, cancer, etc. We were able to help change dressings, clean bed sores, and bathe the patients. Also, we observed a lot of massage therapy and alternative therapies used commonly in the Peruvian culture.

We were surprised at how welcoming the Peruvian families were when we entered their home. In one house, we were touched when the family told us that we were not only beautiful on the outside, but also because we had taken the time and money to come to Peru and learn about their culture. Overall, we saw extreme poverty but also saw their positive spirits shine through their hardships. We were gratefull to see all sides of Chimbote.

In the late afternoons, we took turns spending time with beloved medical social worker Udy and our professor Lori where we distributed canes, walkers, and wheelchairs to people in need. After these experiences, we have developed a great respect for the culture, langauge, and people of Chimbote.

We have enjoyed our time here and are sad to go, but are also excited to head to Machu Picchu! Chao!




  1. Debra & John Kemper says:

    Thank you for the wonderful portrayal of your experiences! I can only imagine that the warm reception from the Peruvian families was in response to the kind hearts and caring hands of the healthcare team and their leader. Love the blog. Keep it going!

  2. Kathryn B Dittes says:

    Through the Interim experience, you have chosen an opportunity to help take care of people who really needed it. Despite the cultural and fiscal differences you saw, there is nothing more rewarding than for you to help these people to assist themselves with their health issues or to help others know how to assist their loved ones. I think you have made a difference, albeit temporary. I hope you never forget this experience. I hope you continue to want to make a difference

  3. Judy Hines says:

    SO extremely PROUD of all of you and very grateful that my beautiful niece, Alyssa, is fortunate to have such life-changing experience. Love you, Aunt Judy