Last day in chimbote

Posted on January 20th, 2012 by

Today was filled with bittersweetness for our group as we celebrated our last day in the wonderful city of chimbote. To start the day off the students from the english classes set off to the pool! Most of the students have never been to the pool or have only been there once in their lives. The joy and excited was so easy to see as they ran to the pools stressing their teachers out. Once every thing was settled it became a very enjoyful field trip.  It was a great way to end a great two weeks with the students we have come to love and are going to miss terribly.  After the pool we celebrated with our adult students by eating some cake, which was very yummy! The adults were so grateful for what the teachers had done for them, it was hard to say goodbye.  Then to make things even better Father Jack gave us each a plague with a thank you for what we have done and a picture of chimbote. It was so very thoughtful and such a great way to say thank you.  After our day of celebrating we were shown a very tough place to visit, a shelter for women who are severly handicaped mentally and phsyically built by Mother Teresa.  This shelter hit us all in different ways but was eye opening for all. We sang to the women and they loved it.  To finish out our night some of us bought peruvian snacks we have come to love from the local tienda and most played one last game of futbol! We are going to dearly miss our friends in chimbote and tomorrow will be filled with sadness and joy. We will never forget our time in chimbote but are excited for our next adventures! Tomorrow we leave for Lima at 10:15 am! We will hopefully blog soon.


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