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Today we visited the townships of Locus River and Khayelitsha and it was one of the most eye opening experiences. I would compare these places to the projects back in the U.S. The first thing I noticed about the people that lived in these two townships was that they had a strong bond with those who were in their community.  Some people live without electricity and running water, and even with a lack of appropriate garbage disposal, but everyone seemed to be happy and full of joy because they love the people around them.  This was especially the case for those who are apart or affected by the Africa Jam Organization

When we first went to Locus River everyone was so excited to see us and when they heard that we knew those who were leaders of Africa Jam their faces light up even more.  I saw tons of little kids running around without shoes and in their underwear but that didn’t even faze them, they just wanted to show us around their community.  Africa Jam has given them a sense of hope for their lives.  They have built a strong bond with members in their community and they believe that because they have that bond there is hope for them to accomplish their dreams.

When we went to Khayelitsha we got to see the Africa Jam Community Center where the kids who are involved did a performance for us.  It was amazing. They could dance and sing like no one I have ever seen before, and the bond that they had with each other was so strong.  They love going to that community center because they know that they get to be with each other and do the things they love.

After just one day of being here I have realized that having a strong bond with those around you can lead to a happy and hopeful life.  The people from these townships helped me realize that money and material things do not lead to happiness. As long as I am surrounded by those who love me and I am able to do things that I enjoy, my life will be complete.


Olivia Johnson



  1. Deb Kind (Maren's Mom) says:

    Olivia, Mitch, Lauren, Kate, and Grace — I just realized that none of the blog entries has received any comments yet and I want everyone to know that your entries are read and appreciated! I check to see if there is an update every day. It is great to hear how things are going. Thank you!

  2. Ron Haberkorn says:


    It sounds wonderful! Take many pictures so you can share with us!

    From Florida,

    Grandpa Hab

  3. Katie Johnson (Olivia's mom) says:

    To the South Africa Group~

    As your trip of a lifetime comes to a close, I just want to tell all of you what fun it has been to follow your journey. Enjoy your last couple of days!

    Katie Johnson ( Olivia’s mom)