Welcome to 2013!

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Slide1The new year has come which means we are fast approaching our departure for Olympic Quest 2013.   The students (and Mary and Aaron) have been reading and researching in preparation for our trip.  We have everyone reading two books to help them orient themselves to the Olympics and to Greece, our first stop.  “Private Games” is a crime/suspense novel set during the London 2012 games.  It brings up some great issues of ancient vs. modern Olympics, security at Olympics, the impact on the host country, pride of the athletes, etc… We are also studying “The Oresteia,” a Greek Trilogy that introduces us to Greek mythology, Greek Theater, and some of the locations we are visiting in Greece.  Aaron has also arranged some great guest lecturers to come in during our first week on campus.  Experts in various fields will be coming to speak to us to prepare us for all our sights and experiences.  The learning will really begin when we leave! On the trip, each pair of students will be presenting on various topics related to our trip and the Olympics.  Our guides will also be a wealth of knowledge for us.  You can read all about our travels right here.  Two students will be responsible for blogging every day of our trip.  We hope you stayed tuned!

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