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The makings on Rouladen

Aaron and Mary spent Sunday afternoon getting prepared to start our Olympic Quest!  We began our journey at the St. Peter home of Stephanie Hailperin learning how to make authentic Bavarian food – specifically Rouladen.  Rouladen is a German Roulade consisting of beef wrapped around bacon wrapped around a pickle.  The roll is then seared in lard and simmered in beef broth and sour cream.


Finished product


Simmering away



Stephanie is sharing her talents with all of us on Tuesday when she teaches a Bavarian cooking class to us down at the St. Peter Food Co-op.  There was a special guest appearance by Olympian, Kris Kuehl, as she came down to St. Peter to speak to all of us later that night.  Kris, being of German heritage and voracious appetite, appreciated the experience as well.  Always cool to have an Olympian show up at your home!  Read more about Kris’s speech later from the students. More about our meal and the experience on Tuesday! Let the adventure begin!


Mary and Stephanie with the finished products. Hard work!


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