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Jamie, Jered, Greg, and Mark in MSP Airport


Travis, Jill and Mary in MSP Airport


Eric playing some card in MSP Airport


Mariel playing cards in MSP Airport


Beau, Ben, and Jake hanging out in MSP Airport


Grace and Matt in MSP Airport


The King girls, Molly and Maggie, in MSP Airport


Ashley, Sarah, Grace, Laura, and Katie at MSP Airport

After a tearful goodbye, the group ascended the escalator to advance through the Minneapolis security checkpoint.  Everything went well except for Beau Bachman’s confiscated frosting can and box of vanilla wafers.  Nevertheless, once through security students disbanded to explore the airport and eat lunch.  It was fun to observe new friendships being formed and the general excitement of everyone in the group!

We smoothly boarded our plane and were all seated together in a block of seats at the back of the aircraft.  Although the turbines were loud, everyone appeared to enjoy their movies, books, music, sleep, or other distractions.  We made excellent time, arriving approximately one hour ahead of schedule.  It was a beautiful sight descending into Amsterdam at 4 in the morning, as the city was aglow with orange light.


Emma in Amsterdam Airport


The group in the Amsterdam Airport


Mark and Jack in the Amsterdam Airport


Holland Tulips!


More Tulips

Once at our gate, we entered the Amsterdam airport and proceeded to group check-in.  The gals at the ticket counter were very helpful, issuing 32 boarding passes in record time.  We then went through Passport Check, where everyone got their passports stamped, followed by a thorough frisking at security.  We are currently exploring the Amsterdam airport until boarding the next plane for Athens!  We’re loving this free wi-fi, by the way!

-Aaron and Mary



  1. Troy Banse says:

    It figures that Beau would be eating frosting and crackers :-). Have a great trip!

  2. Heather Banks says:

    Love all the pictures and glad you made it safely.

  3. Wendy Bachman says:

    Good try, Beau!! Aunt Heidi would be proud!!

  4. Dianne Wolbeck says:

    Jered’s so camera shy at Home!