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South Africa – Khayelistsha the 2nd time around

This morning we boarded our two vans guided by Eugene like we have many other times. But, today there was more excitement in the vans because we actually knew who we were going to see and what we were going to do. Going back to Khayelitsha after our experience at camp was sure to be […]

Weekend In Venice

On January 18th the group traveled by train from Florence to the town of Venice. At approximately 8:30 a.m. the train departed from the train station and began the three-hour journey through the countryside and mountains. The weather was not rainy, after continuous rainfall for several days, but partly cloudy and calm. Numerous group members […]

Tuscany, Synonymous with Wine

This morning we departed from Rome,Italy for Tuscany, where Pinocchio was created … and wine. The three days in Rome flew by from visiting the Colosseum to the Vatican and plenty of shopping along the way it’s been three days well spent. We loaded the pockets of plenty of street vendors who bombarded us with […]

Bread Baking at Vasterbotten

In the early morning of January 18th many of us were hit with jetlag. We were lying awake half of the night not able to sleep. However, our day quickly turned around when we returned to the Västerbotten Museum to bake traditional Sami bread. We went into an unheated cabin with a brick oven which […]

Roaming in Rome!

Today marks our third and final day in Rome.  After yesterday’s jam-packed day that included visiting Vatican City and the Coliseum, we were given the day to explore Rome on our own.  Some people used this opportunity to shop in Rome’s Spanish Steps area while others visited famous landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain.  This […]

There and back and there and back again: a cold American’s tale by Devon Bealke

January 17th proved to be something of a roller-coaster ride for our group.  We had a few items on the schedule: a quick trip to finalize travel visas at the Migrationsverket (the Migration Board, abbreviated as MV), a return to Umeå University for a lazy stroll, a trip to the Västerbotten History museum, and finally a […]

Why Hello Sweden; Gustavus Semester in Sweden

Well what an experience it as has already been! To start off, we the group had a very long flight day. It all started at MSP airport where flew off to Chicago and had a three hour layover, which was not bad at all. Then we got aboard our SAS airplane and were Sweden bound! […]

A Journey Through the Uffizi

On Thursday our class explored the world renowned Uffizi art gallery.  This museum was established by the last heir to the Medici dynasty and was opned in 1765 to the public.  Before that time the building served as the central offices for the administrators of Florence and stands between Palazzo Vecchio and the Arno river, which is […]

When In Rome…..

Today was our first full day in the beautiful city of Rome, and it was packed with a ton of culture and sight seeing. We started the day off by visiting the Olympic Complex of the 1960 Summer Olympics. We saw, what is now, the rugby stadium as well as the the Olympic stadium which […]

Ciao Italia!!

After a choppy overnight ride on the ferry we finally reached Italian soil. We were greeted by our new tour guide, Mario, in the port city of Bari, Italy. Right away we got on the bus and drove straight for about three hours to the ancient city of Pompeii. Pompeii, a city that was covered […]