Class discussions: Using what we’ve learned.

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January 28

Our first day of Swedish classes and class discussions went very well, I would and do say. In Swedish 202, we spent the class reviewing material and discussing what areas would be most useful to focus on. Chelsea also used this time to see where we were in our mastery of the Swedish language.

After lunch, we had our first class with Lee. in preparation we read three articles about Sami history. We had what I felt was a good discussion about the Sami in the past and where they are now. We discussed where they are going and whether they should change course. Then there is the issue of whether they are consciously segregating themselves and what that means for the future of the Sami community and culture. Of particular interest is the tendency for Sami to marry other Sami. Several of us have talked to Sami who say there parents expect them to marry another Sami, which can lead to tensions between Sami and Swedes.

After class, I made myself supper. Food choices are much different here than back home, so I had to settle for some patty-melts and potatoes cut in long strips called “fries.” Most mornings I’ve had peanut butter-banana sandwiches, which is interesting because Peanut butter is much less popular in Sweden than at home. The store has either  crunchy Skippy or creamy Skippy. That’s it. And they call it a country. A country!

I’ll be here all semester.

Ryan, out!


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