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Our time in Mora so far has been very fun.  We are here right as the city is starting to swell with racers and viewers for the annual Vasaloppet ski race.  The number of people here has already greatly increased in size from when we first arrived here two weeks ago.  It has been very fun to see the city swell and there is a feeling of excitement as the large races gets closer and closer.  This has all been quite exciting but I would now like to say a little about a project I am doing while on this trip.  Before I left for Sweden, my mother and I had the idea that I should go into her kindergarten class and talk to them about my trip.  They had just been studying winter, so the darkness and cold temperature would be very interesting to them.  This idea then evolved into me having a Skype session with the class every Monday while on this trip.  We have named these lessons Mondays With Matt.  So far I have taught four lessons for these students.  Here we talk about the temperature, how dark it is, and some of the fun and interesting things I have done.  The students were most interested in the reindeer we saw up in Jokkmokk.  They were even more excited when I told them that I had met a reindeer named Rudolph.  After my lesson I give the students some time to ask questions that they have about Sweden.  The students love to know the things that I have eaten, as well as places I have been and people I have met.  They also really enjoy when I teach them some simple Swedish words that they can tell all of their friends and family.  I have loved giving these students a way of learning about Sweden but also helping them reach specific kindergarten standards in a fun and interesting way.  I hope to be a teacher myself one day so I have really valued this opportunity to get to teach these kids about where I am.  It is quite fun to see a room full of excited five year olds intently listening to what you have to say.  I look forward to more Mondays with Matt and more exciting adventures in Sweden.

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  1. Roland (2009 leader) says:

    Mondays with Matt…what a great idea!

  2. Cathy Lindahl says:

    Matt did a great job summarizing our Mondays With Matt collaboration! I have even heard some of my students say, “I love Matt” while they are working in class! We are graphing the length of the day in Sweden vs. our hometown of Glendora, CA as well as the weather in both places. We also look out his window so that we can see what it looks like outside. It is dark outside now but I hear that it will be light at the same time before he leaves Sweden. I also have them write a journal entry about one thing they learned after talking with Matt. Him tasting blood pudding was a favorite last week! This is giving my young students a first view of the world outside of their own. Good job Matt! We look forward to our Mondays With Matt!