Third week in Mora: No sportlov for you! Posted on March 10th, 2013 by

In our third week in Mora, things kicked into high gear. People were flocking into Mora for the Vasaloppet and the many ski races during the week. This is also when the students here take their spring break, called sportlov. So while they were skiing and goofing off, we still had class in the morning and Swedish in the afternoon. Meanwhile, it seemed that if Swedes weren’t skiing, they were watching people ski. I’m certain their is at least one channel that only shows ski races and people will watch them all day. It reminds me of NASCAR races that go on for hours. I can watch 30 minutes or so, but then I realize they are all doing the same thing and I lose interest. Watching one whole race could be difficult, and multiple races are put on every day all week, building up for the final Vasaloppet. Anyway, aside from our visit to the Dalahorse factory and Anna’s house, our week was spent watching ski races, working in class, and gawking at all the visitors for Vasaloppet. Oh, and we also got to meet students in a class called SMF. They are kids in their early twenties who don’t have jobs and want help finding some, or kids who want to learn some other practical life skills. Some have dabbled in various areas of study and some quit school early. Regardless, they were a fun bunch and we got introduced by “speed dating” and playing Two Truths and a Lie, a game where we paired up and came up with two truths about us and one lie. Then everyone had to guess the lie. That was lots of fun. Afterwards we had a general discussion about differences between America and Sweden. To cap it off, we got to here a Norwegian and Finnish-Swede speak their native languages. Our future meetings are sure to provide some interesting insights.


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