Standing on Kinekulle

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Our geology field trip with Mark was a very interesting and enlightening experience.  It was amazing to see all of the old rock formations and really put the earths age into perspective.  One of the parts that was the most interesting which made it easy to see the history of the area was when the group stood on top of Kinekulle, one of southern Sweden’s few mountains.  We hiked up the mountain as a group and walked to where we could see out to the whole valley in front of us.  Off in the distance was one of southern Sweden’s other mountains, Billingam.  From this spot you could see for miles.  The valley stretched on and on.  During the last glacial melt the whole valley in front of us was a glacial lake, with the face of the glacier only a few hundred meters to the left of us.  Standing here on top of the mountain it was so easy to see all of the history.  I could almost feel what was going on in this exact spot ten thousand years ago.  We were all tired from a long few days of traveling.  Even through the fatigue, we could tell that this was a very cool spot with a very interesting history.  It made many of us in the group realize just how small we were.  There was so much history that had happened before us and the earth would go on long after we were gone.  Standing on the remnants of this ancient mountain, looking into the valley that was formed millions of years ago was humbling.  This was one of my favorite parts of the whole geology field trip.  I feel that as a group, we had a much larger appreciation for geology.  Visiting all of these sites and and seeing the specific formations in person made the experience much more real.  We were able to see everything and get a look as to how these geological formations affected the landscape around them.


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  1. Roland says:

    Before 2009, and a week with Mark, a gravel pit was a…gravel pit. Now it’s so much more.