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Water in the Desert

Egypt is a country reliant on the Nile. It’s easy to see this when looking at a map of Egypt. For a fairly large country, it’s striking how compact the cities are. A vast majority of the country lives along the banks of the Nile, leaving most dots on the map in a squiggly line […]

London Adventures and back to Stockholm!

Well another spring break has come and gone. I spent the first four days of my break in London with Erik. We have both always wanted to go to London and this was the perfect opportunity since we are already in Sweden. Travel within Europe is pretty easy and fairly cheap. We jumped on the […]

Stockholm, The First Week

Well friends, this is over due but only because so much has happened here in Stockholm. We left from Mora on March 17th early in the morning in order to visit the Vasa Museum because it was going to close down on that Monday for renovations. It was bitter-sweet leaving Mora because I had made […]

Spring is Here?

Last week was our Spring break. Instead of going utomlands, I spent the time exploring Sweden. It began in splendid Stockholm. My parents had come to meet me there the week before and we got to know the city together. We walked for days on end before we started taking the bus. Yet, walking was a […]

Spring Break (Back in the USA!)

I went back to the USA for Spring break; thus, my break may unfortunately appear boring or uninspired. That’s alright. I admit that I’m a home-body, but I actually do have an anecdote or two that will reveal some comparisons between Sweden and the US—I believe it’s actually more interesting to compare the two right […]

Northern Minnesota Girl in The Big City

Well we have made it through 12 days in Stockholm alive! Despite withstanding vicious winds, countless miles of walking, many important meetings with influential people, and living on a ship with incessantly loud highschoolers, we all managed to make it to Spring Break in one piece. Instead of our days being filled with class and […]

Medieval Memories in Modern Stockholm

While my friends will be giving you superb coverage of our day to day travels in Stockholm, I wanted to craft a different narrative for you, one near and dear to my heart.  As you may or may not know, I am an avid medievalist, so Stockholm’s dreamy old buildings and exciting museums have been […]

Food in Egypt

I love to eat and I imagine that if I knew how I would love to cook. A large part of my love is exploring new things. Luckily for me, Egypt hasn’t let me down at all. There has been a ton of local food to try. Even better, I’ve enjoyed nearly everything I’ve tried […]

Zorn Museum and Melodifestivalen

Our fourth week here in Mora was a pretty busy one filled with some very Swedish activities! We spent quite a few hours working on our handicraft projects which was decorating the seat cushions we made earlier out of sheep wool. Some people embroidered and other people dry felted on their cushions. Most of them […]

Vasaloppet och Annas Hus

Greetings everyone, I am writing to you as I recover from what I did yesterday. In the town of Mora, there is a GIANT ski race that finishes here. This past week was filled with many different ski races from 45km up to the long Vasalopp which is 90kl long. Now to give some background […]