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Third week in Mora: No sportlov for you!

In our third week in Mora, things kicked into high gear. People were flocking into Mora for the Vasaloppet and the many ski races during the week. This is also when the students here take their spring break, called sportlov. So while they were skiing and goofing off, we still had class in the morning and Swedish […]

Winter Ecology with Kjell

We woke up early, bundled up, and first headed to a classroom to properly meet our teacher for the day, Kjell Westerdahl. Today we were having a fieldtrip of sorts. Kjell is the Folkhogskolan’s ecology, math, science, and whatever-else-they-need-him-for teacher. Our focus for the day, and what appeared to be Kjell’s passion, was ecology. We […]

Mora Week Two: Let the Games Begin

We finally settled into a comfortable groove in our second week  in Mora.  For a rather “normal” week we did a lot: we battled through early classes, survived Vegan food, witnessed  the kick off of the Vasaloppet, and resisted heart attacks after too many Fikas with too many sweets.  So I’ll call it a success! […]

Mora and Mondays With Matt

Our time in Mora so far has been very fun.  We are here right as the city is starting to swell with racers and viewers for the annual Vasaloppet ski race.  The number of people here has already greatly increased in size from when we first arrived here two weeks ago.  It has been very […]

Skattungbykursen: An Experiment in Sustainable Living

This Wednesday the group took a trip to visit fellow Gustavus student Lesley Darling, who is currently studying organic cultivation and sustainable living through the Skattungbykurs provided by Mora Folkhögskola. The course takes place in the village of Skattung, about 35 minutes outside of Mora. It was begun in 1978 and many of the participants […]

The Journey South: From Sami Land to Ski Country

After a very long and arduous eighteen-hour journey south consisting of a bus, an overnight train, another train, and another bus, we have arrived in Mora. Mora is in central Sweden and home to the dala horse and the Vasaloppet, the infamous 90-kilometer cross-country ski race. This apparently is a big deal, and that fact […]

The Arab Spring and summer and fall etc

    Looking back on everything I’ve written here, I need to say a few things first. This is all based on my own experiences and those I’ve spoken to directly. I can’t pretend to speak for either Egyptians or Americans, only myself. Also, this is by no means comprehensive. I have left out a […]

The Calm Before the Market.

Feb. 2 On this most auspicious morning we had the pleasure to attend the esteemed Winter Conference. We mingled quickly before filing in and sitting down and giving our full attention to the speakers. The first was a learned scientist who lectured on the current international politics in the Arctic. With record amounts of ice […]

The Night Train and Hot, Balmy Mora

The night train brought us to Gävle station at 6:49 in the morning, where we were hurriedly roused to lug our suitcases through the snow and up and down the station stairs, half asleep.  For many of us, it was our first time riding or sleeping on a train.  I had never taken a night […]

A much needed day of rest and relaxation

February 9, 2013 Saturday was our last full day in Jokkmokk and many of us spent it relaxing and recovering from the previous two days at the market. It’s surprising how much energy gets taken out of you by being out in the cold and crowds! I think we all enjoyed the market but by […]