India January 10th

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Here is the blog for Jan 10 for the India/Nepal J-term: This blog was written by Kate Schulze and Lindsay Ortlip

After sleeping off our jet lag we traveled to Prerana, and organization against human trafficking. They are similar to a boys and girls club but for the children of prostitutes in the red light district of Mumbai. The children come after school and stay overnight, providing a safe place for the children while their parents work. We had a song exchange with the kids and they performed some Bollywood dancing for us. After which they taught us two Bollywood dances. The room was filled with lots of laughter. The children amazed us with their joy, and they loved to dance with us. After Prerana we stopped at a 7th Day Adventist church where we sang a few songs for the congregation. The children got up and sang a couple spur of the moment songs for us as well. Music is such an integral part of Indian culture, or as they say, it runs in their blood. We have been seeing how music can help cross any language barrier and help us connect to everyone.


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  1. Cynthia Schulze says:

    Moments like yours of connecting across social and cultural barriers are holy and rich. I’m glad you saw the children’s joy which exists outside their experiences. They obviously saw respect and value from your positive interaction and that is priceless. You are leaving and keeping precious gems.