Last Day in Galway

Posted on January 17th, 2014 by

Thursday marked the last day of our three-day trip to Galway.  In the morning we woke up and checked out of our hostel Sleepzone and had to day to ourselves to finish touring the city, taking pictures, and checking out local restaurants and stores.  Our photography professor gave us an assignment to take pictures of a local business, the people of Galway, the docks, a scenic location, and a historical part of Galway.  Having taken pictures of the docks, and scenic and historical parts of Galway the day before during our walking tour, Leah, Sarah, Becca, and I spent the day eating and shopping our way through Galway while taking pictures of the businesses and shop owners and locals we talked to.  We started out eating breakfast at a place called Elles café where I had the most delicious chocolate bomb brownie.  We then went out in search of unique Irish rings, wool sweaters, and gifts for our families and friends back home.  Around noon, we went into the Irish sweet store to get candy for Leah’s cousins and Sarah’s brother.  When Sarah asked for sour candy for her brother, the store owner was willing to let us all try a piece of sour candy he claimed to be more sour than any candy you can find in America.  We all tried the sour watermelon candy with red faces and pursed lips—it is definitely the most sour thing I have ever had, but after a minute turned sweet and was very good.


For lunch we found a cute little cupcake place with homemade cupcakes and bright pink walls.  After a lunch of sandwiches and baked potato soup, we had red velvet and chocolate cupcakes.


After that we walked around some more and settled in at the King’s Head pub to relax, as we had seen all of the shops on the main street.  At 6:30 we were picked up to head back to Ballyvaughan, our trip in Galway coming to an end.  I was excited to go back to the cottage and sleep in the comfortable bed, as opposed to the hostel beds we had slept in for the past two days.  When asked how they felt about being back in Ballyvaughan, Sarah and Leah both said they “were tired, but a lot more relaxed here.”  When asked what their favorite part about Galway was, Becca said she “really likes the scenic atmosphere”, whereas Sarah liked “the traditional live Irish music”, and Leah enjoyed “being around people our own age.”  I loved all the unique Irish stores and the fun of the city, but am happy to be back where it isn’t so hectic.


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