January 18th, 2014

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idi Ide and Hana Fischer

Today marks the halfway point in our journey through India and Nepal! We’re having a blast! Some people felt a little under the weather this morning so we had simple foods for breakfast. Everyone was super excited to have toast (usually we just have untoasted bread). They gave us a jar of “Jack and Jill” hazelnut spread… It tasted like nutella! After breakfast we packed up and headed out of the village to our new hotel in downtown Kathmandu. Today was a pretty low key day. We visited a temple, but since we were foreigners we just stayed out in the perimiters of the temple. Apparently it was one of the most famous temples in Nepal, so we noticed that there were a lot of people visiting. For lunch we went to an euro-asian restaurant called Gaia. Kyle and Jordan ordered traditional Nepalese meals which looked very good, but everyone else was ecstatic to order familiar comfort food: chicken, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, and potatoes. It was delicious! We also ordered hot chocolate and tea to warm us up on this damp and cool day (it starters to rain in the afternoon). The rest of our day was filled with down time and shopping in the market. People were a little overwhelmed with all the different choices of shops had to offer, and also the Indian rupee to Nepali rupee conversion… Many people returned with scarves, tea, purses, prayer flags, figurines, hats, and much more. We were mostly excited to finally have the opportunity to buy souvenirs and relax!




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  1. Cynthia Schulze says:

    Sounds like beautiful and interesting days. Stay well and enjoy the beauty of Pokhara ahead.